Another World


Known also with the title it of Out of this World , this title maded by the Software French House Delphine, it has amazed critical and public thanks to its splendid animations (all in Rotoscoping that is based on resumptions of real movements of human figures subsequently “digitized”) to its deep and fascinating history but also, and above all, for” the cinematographic ” cut that its author, Eric Chahi, has given not only to story-play but also to the all game-play. The history narrates of a young scientist who later on to a espolosion in its laboratory finds again itself in an alien world, wild but above all hostile. Very soon it will be captured and in imprisonment it will make the encounter with an alien that will help it, not without dramatic turn of events and much action, to find again the road for house. The games supports joystick and audio card.





Delphine Software

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