The sequel of the original Tetris, written by the same creators, this tetris has many new features.
Speed : one to five, with five being really fast, four manageable, and the lower levels good for the first few practice games. After a certain number of lines have been completed, a bonus piece is provided (always size five) and then the speed increases. As far as we know, the level never increases, and there is no speed beyond five, although you still receive bonus pieces. Speed 5 starts at 65 lines completed.
Controls: space bar to drop pieces, Alt-P to pause, Alt-A to abort this game, Alt-Q to quit entirely, Alt-N to toggle Next piece viewer. In movement mode 1, left and right work when the piece is at the top or bottom, and up and down move the piece when it’s on the side walls. When going from the top wall to the right wall, for example, left and right control the piece until it is *entirely* on the right wall, then up and down take control. I prefer this mode. In movement mode 2, left is always clockwise and right is always counter-clockwise, which means the keys are completely backwards when a piece is being controlled on the top wall.





Spectrum Holobyte

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