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Questron 2


In Questron I with the aid of the great and kind wizard Mesron, you sought and destroyed the evil wizard Mantor and retrieved the immensely evil Book of Magic. But this was only the first part of your quest.
Along the way through what seems to be an endless black void you hear Mesron’s voice: “Legends say the evil book was created long ago on a distant planet. It is the creation of six twisted sorcerers who labored years to write it. By its own diabolical design the magic book resists all efforts to destroy it.”
“You are traveling to the planet Landor, the book’s origin, and back to the time before the book was made. You must prevent the book from ever being created!”
“I can do little for you while you are away. Although you are now a baron on Questron, you will have no title on Landor. Gather your strength. Marshal your allies. Learn where the Sorcerers are and how to attack them. Remember your people and good luck.”
Suddenly you find youself blinded by the sun and after recovering your vision you begin to take in your surroundings. You note that some of your possessions are gone and you feel somewhat weaker, almost younger…