Covert Action


Sid Meier’s simulation, this will project you in a charming 007 scenarios.You are Max (or Maxine) Remington, and your finally object is to capture (in a single game) 26 Mastermind.This Mastermind are the boss of each organization that you have to defeat, Mafia, Mossad,and so on.
You may block this Mastermind with all the 007 tipically resources, including decripting messages, break in building, use computers and hear phone conversations.You have to discover the Mastermind, finding his identity, location and organization.Every time you capture a Mastermind, you receive a promotion.You begin your carrer with a great number! (it’s hard to gain tha rank of 007 eheh)
You may choose 4 different levels of difficulty: Local Disturbance, National Threat, Regional Conflict or Global Crisis.The level chosen affects the amount of information you receive at the start of each case as well as how hard each of the four parts of game play are.Local Disturbance is very easy, and Global Crisis is very hard!
You may play this game in VGA mode, only with the keyboard (that is a bit complicated in a combact mode), sound is available on pc speakers on tandy sound card.






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