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Ever want to be able to edit the .ZZT files that come with ZZT?
 Learn better ways to use the built-in OOP language by examining
 the authors objects? All you need is a hex editor:
 Load the desired .ZZT file into your hex editor.
Search for SECRET and change the  (06 hex) to a NULL (00 hex).
 Conversely, adding a  before the SECRET in your own .ZZT files
 will make them uneditable.

 During the game, press [Shift] + [?] , and type a cheat:
 Action              Effect

 keys                All keys
 ammo                Ammunition
 zap                 Clear the four surrounding squares
 +debug              Debug mode on
 -debug              Debug mode off
 health              Full health
 gems                Gems
 -dark               Make a dark room light
 dark                Make a light room dark
 torches             Torch
 z                   Stone of power on
 noz                 Stone of power off 




When player fall from high place, just before hit ground, hit
ESC, and answer 'no' in the quit menu, then the player 
will not die


Zork Zero



Every time you obtain one of the 24 needed items, your score 
will increase by 12 points. There is a character called the 
Jester, who will both help and annoy you. He will give you a 
funny paper and a slate, both of which contain important 
information that may vary from game to game. When he sticks a 
clown nose on your face, you must remove it before you
When he turns you into an alligator, you will drop all your 
possessions and be unable to pick up anything until you turn
back a few moves


Zork 2


Bonus level 

Enter BL26 as a password. 

Level Password 

1 9LKK 
2 BL26 
3 5P9K 
4 6652 
5 BKK2 
6 2PLB 
7 6562 
8 L58B 


Zone 66


To bypass the opening screen trash in Zone 66, start the
game with:
 C:GAME.EXE TranIsEvil
 ZONE66 -? -? -? TranIsEvil